Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Goals and Blog Hop

It's already September? Good grief. That means that our 3 year wedding anniversary is next month. The PCOS 5K is this month. Christmas is around the corner.

August Goals:

  • Walk at least a mile twice a week (2.5+ laps around BBR pond) No. But West Nile has me eager to stay at home so I don't die. 
  • 3 days without red meat, pork or poultry  No. At least I'm doing vegetarian days every once in a while, even if they aren't in a row.
  • Start oil-pulling again  No. Seriously just not remembering to do it at all.
  • Rearrange dining room  No. But I have sent out invitations for a Halloween party already, so that should provide some motivation.
  • Attend a transcendental meditation info session - Did this! Applied for a scholarship because I can't afford the tuition on my own.
  • Listen to my Circle+Bloom mind-body meditation sessions 3+ times a week (after downloading them again)  No. I downloaded them. Listened once. Really need an mp3 player so I can listen in bed.
  • Complete and sell some of the crafts piling up in the bedroom. FAIL. No excuses, either.
  • Start doing yoga again so I'm ready for my free week of yoga at a studio in Sept. Did a full week, then stopped again. 
  • Convert local PCOS group to a Power Up for PCOS group! (My volunteer interview is this evening!!) DONE! First emPowerment meeting is next week :)
  • Test out the White Rock location for the Sept PCOS walk No, but I'm not viewing it as a failure, because I had legit reasons for cancelling the test walks. West Nile Virus. It's so bad this year that all of the DFW area is getting aerial spraying this year. 
  • Convert my old bakery blog into a recipe warehouse SORTA. Haven't added any recipes, but I took down the bakery stuff.

Carry over from August:

  • 3 days without red meat, pork or poultry - I just started a cleanse today that will have me off meat for 3 days, so I'm hoping for success.
  • Start oil-pulling again - gotta put notes up in the bathroom about this!
  • Rearrange dining room

September Goals:

  • Have a successful 5K PCOS Walk - Sept 29
  • Have the first PCOS emPowerment meeting in the area - Sept 12!
  • Start doing yoga again
  • Use my free week of yoga
  • Complete a one week system cleanse
  • Fix my sleep schedule so I can wake up by 9am every morning.
  • Get a membership to MassageEnvy

You know that pottery job I talked about last month? Well I got it. I start next week. I'm really looking forward to it. I need something to get me off the computer. I'm in front of the computer WAY TOO MUCH.  Funny thing about this job though - I told my grandfather that I got a second job. He's been nagging me about not working enough. I hadn't increased my days at my software job because I can't afford the gas needed to make the extra trips yet. It took several weeks for him to understand that. Then I tell him last night that I got the second job, and he complained. WTF? So I'm just going to ignore how he feels about it, because it's stupid to get griped at for working.

Since I got the new job, I'm having to modify my schedule a little. I'm not used to getting up before 10am, but training at the new job starts at 10am. I need to start coming in earlier than noon at my software job anyway - staying til 8pm is a little... well, rough. I just need to go to bed earlier. 

Guess that's all I have to say today. Join the link up with your goals!

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