Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Job First Day update - and the resulting pessimism.

The first day of my second job was great. I enjoyed every bit of it. I spent most of the day cleaning greenware (removing clay seams from pottery left by molding process), and got to load up the kiln. I also got to start learning how to dip glaze pieces. I'm not so great at that yet - the better you are, the less glaze you get on your fingers. My fingers were very glazy lol. I think this job is going to go well, especially because you have to have a delicate touch when working with all the pottery. And since I have very little strength in my hands these days, I'm always gentle.

Have you ever met a person or heard about someone who has a fun job, and you feel a little jealous because they get to do such cool stuff every day? That's sorta how I've felt about crafty jobs, like this new one. About halfway through the day it hit me - "I've got that crafty job now!"

But it's times like this that start to worry me. It's not intentional. I'd love to not worry at all. But as I was writing out my schedule for the next month, I realized just how little I was going to be at home. Along with two jobs, the first Power Up for PCOS group meeting is this evening, The 5K is just a few weeks away, and the only days I'll have off this month are Sundays. Sunday will pretty much end up being my 'catch up on sleep' day. So if I'm always at work or some volunteer function, when do I get to spend time at home with the hubby? When will I have time to get around to cleaning the house, since hubs still can't figure out that he needs to do things during the day? What will happen if my RA or fibro flares up again? What if this stupid depressed mood I've been in for the last year gets worse? How am I ever supposed to get into a workout routine if I have no time? If I'm not home, what about cooking?

Yeah, I'm pretty good at being a pessimist. I'd love to be an optimist. Hoping that some of these worrysome questions will answer themselves in the next few weeks.


  1. How does one get a crafty job? It sounds like such fun and so little stress, especially for those of us in the rat race.

    I'm sure everything will work out. Even if you aren't. :)

  2. Being busy should help you stay positive and less depressed. I know it can seem super overwhelming when you don't see any "me" time in your schedule, but I usually find that I get the most done at my busiest. Plus, if you're out working and such, that's automatic body movement. Every bit counts! I make an effort to park in the boonies and take the stairs- things like that add up, and I don't feel so guilty if I don't actually "workout". I think you're doing amazing- get your husband to buck up on the chores on his own, it takes a team to keep chaos at bay! Best wishes!