Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meditation for Stress Relief

As made obvious by the name of my blog and most of my posts, I'm all for natural methods for resolving any/all illnesses and diseases that we may come across in life. Originally that was due to my lack of health insurance = No insurance mean no meds. But I can't just go throughout life without some sort of treatment. Without some sort of treatment, I'd be in so much pain I couldn't move, crying uncontrollably, and probably begging myself to commit suicide. Yes, it's that serious (although besides my husband, no one in my family believes that my problems are serious enough to justify contemplations of suicide)

After years of researching natural treatments for all my problems - bipolar disorder, depression, PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia - it occurred to me that natural methods have to be better for you than modern, Western treatments. Our bodies weren't meant to be pumped full of man-made chemical concoctions. The prescription anti-cancer meds I am currently on for my RA have very specific dosage instructions. I'm only supposed to take it once a week, because if I took it daily, IT COULD KILL ME. The daily naproxen regimen has increased my ability to bruise. Now I consistently have 5-10 unexplained bruises in random places on my body. Certain medications for depression can increase the likelyhood of suicide. "Here, take these so you stop thinking about suicide - but be careful, because if they don't work well for you, you might be more likely to commit suicide." WTF? Why would I want to take something like that?

My husband told me last night that he didn't want to do see a doc about depression (I think he is depressed because of his male factor infertility) because he didn't want to take any pills. I don't blame him. He said that there's a pill for everything nowadays, and the world isn't getting any better. And he's right. If medications worked so well, there wouldn't be a new surge of interest in natural and holistic treatments, dietary modifications, etc.

Several months ago I watched a show about transcendental meditation. I was intrigued because it had so much science to back it up. I've always been interested in meditation, but I've never been able to shut my brain off. I've tried visualization techniques, quiet rooms and comfortable chairs, etc. Nothing has every worked for me. I know I probably haven't tried hard enough, because I usually get frustrated and give up. During the show, they talked about Vedic City, Iowa - a city that incorporates TM into everyday life. The crime rates were ridiculously low. All the students had good grades. Everyone was happy. What I wouldn't give to be blissfully happy, if even for a day. So I'm going to an intro session about TM tonight. I've been wanting to go for several months now, but I'm learning that I can't plan to go somewhere in advance. I have to just do it. I don't know what I'm going to feel like from day to day. So spontenaity is my savior at the moment. If I want to do something, I have to do it right then, or else it won't happen. This morning I had no plans to do anything after work. Now I'm going to be driving 45 min across the metroplex to learn more about TM.

This decision is in line with the latest diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The rheumy told me that I needed to start sleeping better and reduce my stress levels considerably. So that's my fuel for now. I also stopped by Massage Envy last week to find out if they have any therapists with fibro experience. There are two at the location I chose, and the monthly membership is ridiculously cheap! So I told hubby that when I get paid next month, I'm going to invest in a membership to Massage Envy. (I also told him he'd have to get over the fact that the two therapists with the right experience are... Men. He doesn't care, which is awesome.) My gift to myself, to get better.

I'll write later about how the intro session goes.

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