Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Official! Power Up for PCOS Texas is up and running!

I am very excited to start the Texas chapter because there are so many women in Texas that need a fabulous support system like Power Up.

Visit our page: Power Up for PCOS Texas

About the group - This isn't a support group; it's an empowerment group. We don't just sit around and complain about our symptoms, we learn how to overcome them. Power Up has provided a fantastic webinar series that will be shown at our in-person meetings. We participate in a 5K walk every September, and do lots of fun awareness campaigns like the upcoming 'Paint your pumpkin teal for PCOS' in October. All fundraising is donated to inCYST Institute for Hormone Health, an organization dedicated to helping find safe products and methods to treat/manage PCOS.

We will be starting in-person meetings in the DFW area in mid-September, and I hope to expand to Austin by the beginning of next year. I will provide frequent updates on our Facebook page, in our private Facebook group (FB Group), and by email to everyone in the Cyster's Circle. To join the Cyster's Circle, head over to Cyster's Circle and sign up! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

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