Friday, July 13, 2012

If I try hard enough, it's possible.

I love reading blog posts from Monika at inCYST, especially when they are directed towards our husbands. It was about their ability to make our lifestyle/dietary changes difficult, whether they mean to or not. I made my husband read it, because it describes exactly how I feel. He tries to be supportive of me, and for the most part, he is. But there are some situations that cause trouble. I've told him before that I would like to attempt going vegetarian for a week or two, just to see how I feel on it. He's insistent that the only way he can get protein is from meat. I've learned that I don't have the willpower needed to make two separate meals. He is also slightly underweight, so eating what I eat makes him think he's going to lose weight (and he probably would, if I didn't make sure he had pecan spinwheels and honeybuns to snack on). He also doesn't initiate exercise - but he'll work out with me if I start it. "I bought you a home gym, workout games, etc. What more do you want from me?" I know I need someone to 'force' me to get up and do something, and he doesn't do that. He's afraid of pestering me and pissing me off - which I completely understand.

But I need to change. I don't have a choice. I'm not healthy, and I can't live like this forever. I don't have any valid reasons for my inactivity - just excuses. Hubs pulled my home gym out of the closet last night and set it up in the middle of the living room. He did this to prove my claim that there "wasn't any room in the house because every room is so cluttered" was false. And what did I do? Spent an hour working out on it last night. And I can watch tv while I do it. And Hubs likes watching me work out. He told me when we first bought the gym that he thought watching me workout was sexy. Of course it's sexy - I'm half clothed and sweaty. So I have to make this change. I weighed in at 228 today. I'm not going to weigh in often, probably no more than every other week - because I need to stop focusing on that stupid number. I'm just going to focus on using my gym every night while I watch tv. And I'm going to attempt to spend some time this weekend making food for next week. I've got plenty of tupperware and my fridge is stocked with veggies (that will ruin if I don't do something soon). I can do this.


  1. I love Monika and inCYST as well! I am so proud of you for taking action, and for addressing your concerns with your husband! Maybe instead of diving head-first into vegetarian fare, you could be sneaky about it (although be careful as Monika often points out, a protein deficient diet is easy to succumb to as a vegetarian). You could do bean burgers, chili, etc- things that aren't red-flag vegetarian fare. My fiance and I generally go meat free a night or two per week- usually egg based dishes which are packed with PROTEIN :) Also, if you enjoy Monika and inCYST, you should read my latest blog post about becoming a representative for Power Up for PCOS- they do fundraising so that inCYST can do its research! ( )

  2. Good job getting back on that home gym!! I am also a TV watcher while I workout. I take my iPad to the gym and watch while I walk! What is your home you use??