Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's That Pill? - D-Chiro Inositol

D-Chiro Inositol, DCI

Typical Dosage
600-1800mg daily

DCI is a member of the inositol family. It is known to be an important secondary messenger in insulin signal transduction. It can be found in buckwheat farinetta and carob. In double-blind studies, women with PCOS who received DCI experienced the following statistically significant benefits when compared with a control group: lowered free and total testosterone, lowered blood pressure, increased insulin sensitivity and a corresponding improvement in glucose disposal, and increased frequency of ovulation.(Wikipedia) It has also been shown to decrease circulating insulin and serum androgens in lean women with PCOS. (Published study by MJ Iuorno)
Chiral Balance, the leading US provider of DCI, offers this great video that explains DCI's effect.

My experience
I took 1800mg of Chiral Balance brand DCI for several months. I noticed a great reduction in the painful cystic acne on my face and better hair condition. I did not have a menstrual cycle on DCI until after I added Vitex, so I cannot be sure that DCI helped me. I have read in support groups that some women have had results with inositol but not DCI. I decided to discontinue my use of it due to the high costs.

Other's experiences
Do you want to share your DCI story, good or bad? Please email me! courtneylwallace(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject 'DCI Experience'

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