Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's Your Song? Thursday link up!

I'm actually on my computer today, surprise! Since I started losing the ability to use my fingers, I have drastically reduced the duration and frequency of my PC usage. Ok, well that and my laptop has been without a power cord for several months now, so I have to go upstairs, away from the hubby, to use it. Sorry blog readers - my hubby is more important than my blog :)

I get to do a What's Your Song? linkup with Amber at Goodnight Moon! Yay :) This week I picked an oldie - and I'm not dedicating it to a person, it's being dedicated to all my food allergies lol. I had a setback in my eating changes, so I needed a pick me up, a fighting song, something to keep me going. And who better than Gloria Gaynor?

Join us on this great link-up from Amber at Goodnight Moon!

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