Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving gifts that give back!

Our society as a whole has been trained to believe we need man-made medication, overly processed foods, and products made as cheaply as possible, without regard to the environment. When I changed how I took care of myself, I went for all-natural supplements and a healthy diet. I lost weight and I started feeling better. I was amazed by how awesome natural products are. I started looking around the house, only to realize that while I may be taking care of myself, I wasn't take care of the planet.

Have you looked outside and wondered what life would be like without any trees? Or what happens when the landfills get too full of non-biodegradable plastic? It surely wouldn't be a pretty sight. But we can change that. We can stop using plastic bags in favor of reusable ones. We can bottle our own water, in glass or stainless steel bottles. But how can we help others to do the same? Christmas, or course!

Why not give gifts that give back? I was recently introduced to ethical ocean, an online company that has something for everyone on your wish list, and plenty of stuff you'll want to buy for yourself. I love their search bar - it says 'Search for something ethical'. Very cute :) Every product has a 'Why it matters' section that explains why it is good for the earth, people or animals. I have already added their Easy to Grow Mushroom Garden to my wishlist, as well as a Love Bottle!

And if you are having trouble figuring out what to get for those hard to buy for people on your list, you have to check out Holiday Helper Elf! It's entertaining, and it makes gift giving a cinch! ethical ocean offers free shipping on orders over $75, and I'm certain you can find something for everyone on your list!

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