Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's Your Song? Thursday Link Up!

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It's time for Halloween! YAY! This is our favorite time of year, and for good reason. Saturday is our 4 year anniversary, and Monday, Halloween, is our 2 year wedding anniversary! Our apartment complex has lots of decorating competitions throughout the year, and I figured they'd have one for Halloween. I waited and waited for the flyer about it, but it never came. I gave up, and decided I wasn't going to worry about it since I didn't have any money. Then, Hubs took the dog out yesterday and walked back in with a notice about the decorating and pumpkin carving contests! The deadline to enter was TODAY. Yeah. One day to decide if I was competing. The judging is tomorrow. I decided that I needed to carve a pumpkin, and that's what I've been doing all day. The name - 'Blunt Force Trauma'. It's half face, half skull. I'm going to hit the face with a hammer to make the blunt force trauma, and take food coloring to bloody it up. We are adding a toe tag around the stem with his name, 'Lantern, Jack O.', and COD of blunt force trauma. I've got all the carving done, so now I have to beat it up and paint it. I'll be posting pictures when I'm done. I'm also going to be cutting silhouettes out of black trash bags to put in the windows - meat hanging in the kitchen window, and maybe a grim reaper on the patio door.

So as for a song - of course I had to choose a Halloween song. What would be better than This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas? That song performed by Marilyn Manson :) Enjoy!

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