Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Japanese Gardens and a Camera Phone

Hubs took me to the Farmer's Market last week. It was all part of a bribe - if he took me to the farmer's market, we could go out for breakfast and go to a new store he'd been wanting to check out. Latte Da Dairy, my fave goat cheese dairy, was having a sale at the market that day, and I was willing to do anything to go. After stopping at Waffle House, we headed to the farmer's market. I picked up kalamata olive feta and mango tango chevre from Latte Da Dairy, beautiful purple eggplants, a bushel of black-eyed peas (in the shell!) and spicy pork tamales. We then realize that we have an hour to kill before his store opens, so we decide to head over to the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I have had a year membership to since April and just now used it. As we are parking, I realize I don't have my camera, and I'm ticked. But I decide to make the best of it and use Hubs' phone. It actually takes decent pictures.

Hubs, rocking his "I Wear Teal For My Wife" PCOS Awareness shirt, feeds fish on the stepping stones

I love having photos of the two of us to remember trips :)
We also went to a garage sale where I picked up a new yoga DVD which I LOVE - Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga 20-min Makeover - Flat AbsHubs got to go to his store, too. The funny part of this whole story - I had my camera the whole time. It was under my seat in the car, where I had hid it earlier in the week.

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