Monday, August 8, 2011

Sabbatical - Week 2 Checkin

I've been a pretty crappy blogger this past week. I figured that I would blog more since I had more time, but that obviously wasn't the case. I started my sabbatical a week ago. I worked out M-Th last week, then did a lot of walking around garage sales with my mom on Friday. The weekend, though, was useless. I didn't do anything. I ate fairly well, if you don't count the pizza we ordered last night, and the nachos at Movie Tavern. I've been pretty mad at myself, because even though I've done a lot of working out, the scale has gone up even more. I've really got to get back on track with my diet and get rid of the Veggie Stix (veggie flavored potato sticks.) Of course I say this as I wait for my GF cinnamon raisin bread to rise so I can stick it in the oven.

I didn't do Fat Ass Friday this week because the scale said 243. It just made me want to cry. I decided to wax my chin this week (Excess hair is a major problem with PCOS), and now I have a golf-ball sized patch of flaky, red skin on my chin, along with hair that didn't get ripped out. I tried a mask from Central Market to soothe the skin, but to no avail.

But we have been doing some good things around the house. We bought two cute black bar stools to go with the table I bought a few months ago. The table attaches to the wall, and can be folded down when not in use. We're going to stain it with a dark cherry. I'm going to re-upholster the seats of the chairs to a darker color so they don't look dirty all t he time. We've also started picking up the mess in the dining room so we can start using it again. As soon as the dining room is clean, my mom and I will start doing some of our refurbishing projects to make some extra money. We have serving trays to decorate, poof ottomans to sew together, an adorable rocking horse to stain and other little craft projects. I'll post pictures as we proceed :)

So this week I want to ramp up the exercise, focus more on the diet, and get some projects done!

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