Friday, August 26, 2011

My featherbaby, Squeaks :)

I'm glad that Stress Free Infertility is doing a Furry Friday Friend Link Up. I need some cuteness to brighten my day. I don't have a furbaby, I have a featherbaby. His name is Squeaks, and he's a Green Cheeked Conure (GCC). He's smart as a whip, with a smart-ass attitude to boot :) He won't curl up in your lap like a cat, but he'll sit on your shoulder and snuggle up under your hair. He wears bells as hats, plays dead when he doesn't think he's getting enough attention, and attacks dots of light from laser pens. He cries 'Mama' in his gravelly, almost undecernable voice when I'm not in the house. He gets mad at Daddy if he doesn't get a belly rub every morning. He wakes up on the wrong side of the bed if he doesn't get 12 hours of sleep. He believes he should never have a clean water bowl, and the water faucet is evil - he expresses his opinion quite vocally :)

In June 2009, we decided we wanted to get a GCC. With our infertility issues, birds were/are much cheaper than kids. We had fallen in love with Houdini, a GCC at a local pet store. Houdini crawled up on my shoulder and fell asleep on multiple occasions, and he didn't do that with any other customers. When we finally had the money, we went to the pet store. We were 2 hours late. Someone had purchased Houdini. I was heartbroken. Then we were told we could special order a GCC baby from the breeder, and the store would wean it for us. They said it would be a great bonding experience, because we could come in and see him, play with him and hold him all we wanted. So we did. When we first saw him, he was a pitiful little bird with gray fluffy feathers. And it was love at first sight. All the noise he could muster was this high-pitched squeak. It was the perfect name for him, and he seemed to like it. Those gray feathers were soon replaced with every color in the rainbow. He's a little over 2 years old now, still a baby really, since parrots live 20-45 years. There have been times when I wish he had a mute button, would keep his water bowl clean for just a few hours, or didn't have a secret desire to be a vampire. But even when he drives me crazy, I love him. He really is my child, and I'm glad Houdini wasn't available.


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  1. Thanks so much for linking up and spreading the word! What a great bird! And so beautiful!