Monday, July 18, 2011

Experimentation - e-mealz!

So the next step I have taken in my weight loss journey is my new subscription to I have heard rave reviews about this company, and for the low price of $5 a month, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try.

I <3 Emealz

e-mealz is a subscription service that provides you with a menu plan for the week, as well as a shopping list (in most cases, with prices!) to help you shop. With the recent changes Hubs and I are making to better take care of my health, I'm trying to save money anywhere I can. (Reducing stress does wonders for weight loss!) I waste a TON of money on food. I buy more than I need, and it goes bad. Not cool when you're on a budget. They have low carb, gluten free, and portion control menus, as well as regular, no limits menus. For those with kids, they have larger plans to feed more, and they have one for people like me, who only need to feed 2 people. The 2 people menu plans are budgeted to spend $30-$50 a week, and the larger, 4-6 people plans are $80-$100. All of these come for $1.25 a menu plan, on 3-month subscriptions. I signed up for the Low-Carb Any Store 2 Person plan. Sadly, the gluten free plan was only for 4-6 people, so I figured I'll just modify mine slightly when necessary to keep it gluten free.

I've decided that I am going to give this program 3 months - the length of one $15 subscription. The new menus are posted every Wednesday for me (different days for different plans, based on your store choice), the same day all the new sales start. I'm going to print the meal plan and shopping list and put it in a binder so I don't lose it. Once I have the list, I'm going to use it to find coupons to save even more money, then get shopping! Granted, these meal plans only provide dinner options, but I make smoothies for breakfast ad eat leftovers for lunch. If I make sure to make 3 servings for dinner, I can make my lunch for the next day. Perfect! As for the hubby, if he even eats during the day at all, he's perfectly content with Totino's pizzas and canned ravioli. He's so easy to please :)

I'll start Wednesday. This gives me some time to use what I have left in the fridge and freezer. Since I'm only going to be shopping for a week at a time, I need plenty of room in my fridge to hold everything - no need to freeze meat if I'm going to use it that fast. I'll post about my first experience shopping on Wednesday!

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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  1. Definitely let me know how you like it. I've heard good things about them but haven't tried them. I think I'm about to invest a good chunk of money into food/diet/health plan.. I'm looking at MediFast. The only thing is the cost. However, my stepmom is doing the program and she has lost 63 lbs already in 6 months. It definitely works, but you have to have the money to invest into it.