Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Your Song? Thursday Link-up!

One of my favorite genres of music is reggae. When I started using for music at work, I was introduced to reggae from different countries - because it's not just Bob Marley and Jamaica. I'm particularly fond of German and Polish reggae. Oh yes, it exists. And wait until you hear it! It always puts me in a happy, bouncy, good mood. How about you?

This is Ohrbooten, Und-Tschüss!

Want to join the link up? Head over to Amber's blog, Goodnight Moon! It's so much fun!


  1. Ohhh I like it! Makes me want to dance. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. What an awesome selection. I didn't know there were German Reggae artists! See, that's why I love this hop.