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Norbo Wall-Mounted Folding Table from Ikea
I love giveaways. Why? Because you have the chance to win something that may or may not normally buy. My philosophy on saving money is this - "If you can get it free or discounted, why pay full price for it?" A month or two ago I wrote about a recliner giveaway. I didn't win, but that's ok. I received an email last night from one of the guys that works at that company, informing me of yet another giveaway they are having! All you have to do is write a 100+ word review over one of their many websites, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate. I can do a lot with $500. So Hubs and I surfed through the sites last night, picking out what we would want to use the money on - and that helped me pick the site to review. We bought a new dining table at Ikea a week ago, but didn't get chairs. We were going to use folding chairs, but if I can get bar stools for free, why use the folding chairs?

I have fallen in love with Why? The selection. There are dozens of chair designs, and most of them are... CUSTOMIZABLE! Not only to you get to pick out the style of chair, but you can pick out the frame color, the seat color, and if there is a cushion on the back, you get to choose it's color cover, too! And of course, just like their counterpart, they have sports team chairs as well. These are perfect for decorating a man cave, a sports bar, or just your dining room if you are big fans. The sports chairs come in sets of 2, so they make it even easier to purchase. As for the website itself - The website is very simple to navigate and the pictures are large enough to see the detail without having to open a seperate page. I hate websites that put tiny little thumbnails in their main listings so you are constantly going back and forth between pages. The colors are easy on the eyes, so it doesn't hurt to look at the page for a while. And as a special for Father's Day, there is no shipping and no sales tax until June 17. As always, I won't leave you without pictures!
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