Monday, May 2, 2011

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Good morning/afternoon/evening! I hope the weather didn't make it difficult for you to get here :) Here in Texas we went from 90 degrees on Saturday to a high of mid-50's yesterday, and the high today is only 50. And it's wet and raining :(

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am excited to be the featured blogger on Mrs. O's Life: Monday Bloglight. I'm sure you have already read the intro on her page, so I'll spare you the boring details. I am primarily a PCOS/Infertility blogger, with a little of my own craziness blended in. I am also fighting depression and bipolar II disorder, making this journey especially difficult - because we are automatically disqualified from so many adoption agencies for that. If only they knew that these mental problems are linked to the reason we were trying to adopt in the first place.

Anywho, enough ranting. I post several times a week - depending on what I have to blog about. I try to get a meal plan out by the end of every Monday afternoon, so look for that later. Now that some major back problems I have been having have subsided, I've been able to start working out again. I'll share my workout routine, which is typically a mix of yoga and step aerobics. Then I'll post about random things as I feel the urge :)

I love following blogs, so if you decide to follow mine, leave me a comment and I'll follow yours as well!

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