Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturdays.... Sleep? Nah... Not anymore!

Farmer's Markets. I talked about them a lot in this week's menu plan, What's For Dinner May 23-27, 2011. I've always loved farmer's markets, I just hated having to get up so early. Saturdays are my sleep-in days. Ok, ok, weekends are my sleep-in days. By the time I get up, the markets are already shutting down and packing up - except for Dallas. I really like the Dallas Farmer's Market, because it's HUGE. After visiting Barton Creek in Austin to see what a Top 10 Farmer's Market in the Country looks like, I'm certain the writers have never been to Dallas. You could fit the entire Barton Creek FM within one shed at DFM. It spans several city blocks in the heart of downtown Dallas. They are even open every single day (except X-Mas and New Years) from 8am to 6pm. No worry about sleeping late, right? Wrong. As much as I love DFM, I refuse to go. Why? It's in downtown Dallas. I hate the drive to get there. I hate driving in Dallas at all, let alone downtown. I can't ride the train, because I'd also have to ride a bus, and carrying bags full of food on a Dallas bus just doesn't seem like a safe idea to me.

Obviously I had to come up with an alternative. I love Central Market, but it's a grocery store and they are expensive. So what's a desperate girl to do? Google. Of course! So I googled farmer's markets in the area and was pleased to find one in Fort Worth. I figured there would be one, but I hadn't looked before. Cowtown Farmers Market, on the west side of Ft Worth, is my planned destination tomorrow. And yes, I will be getting up early to do it. But I've felt better this week from eating all the fresh produce than I have in a while. I really want to start doing this every weekend, and just buy meat and dairy at the store. (Until I get my farm in the country and can get my own meat and dairy.)

Could this story get any better? Why yes, actually, it can. The North Central Texas Farmers Market Association has a location even closer to me, with fantastic hours! I'm sure it is smaller, but that isn't always a bad thing. On Saturdays from 2pm - 6pm, there is a FM at Richland Hills Elementary School. Awesome. So if I do sleep in, I can still get my FM fix without having to go to Dallas.

So here's my shopping list for the trip:
> Apricots
> Lettuce
> Tomatoes
> Plums
> Strawberries
> Spinach
> Carrots
> Green Beans
> Farm Fresh Eggs
> And whatever else looks/sounds good!

I'll probably spend the rest of the day making my homemade burritos for the hubs :)

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