Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cooking, cooking and... more cooking!

I've been talking a lot recently about going gluten-free. No, I'm not following the crowd and trying it as a fad diet. In all actuality, 85% of women with PCOS have some degree of gluten intolerance. This is one of the newest things I have learned in my ongoing research to fully understand what is wreaking havoc with my body. I decided to try eating gluten free for just a few days to see how I felt. WOW. I have felt a little happier and my bathroom trips have been easier. That's a big deal, since all I did was modify what I ate. In light of this, I decided to try a GF diet for a longer period of time to experiment some more.

This past holiday weekend was the start of this experiment. My mom came over and helped me make a ton of food to stock the freezer. It's easier for me to eat GF if it's already prepared.

We made:
> Banana Bread
> White Bread
> Apricot Peach Hemp Seed Cobbler
> Very Berry Hemp Seed Cobbler
> Black Bean and Mango Salsa
> Blended Salsa
> Breakfast Burritos (Turkey Sausage and Turkey Bacon) - Not GF
> Chicken, Black Bean and Mushroom Burritos - Not GF
> Turkey and Pinto Bean Burritos - Not GF
> Mini Mushroom and Turkey Sausage Quiches

Yes, we had a very busy weekend. We were cooking Sunday from 8pm to 4am, then again on Monday from 5pm to 12am. My fridge and freezer cannot hold anything else. I'm a little frustrated that I didn't take pictures of everything before we portioned everything out into individual containers. The cobblers looked (and tasted) especially awesome. (Click on the pictures for the recipes/product websites)

The breads came from recipes off of Bob's Red Mill GF flour packages. The banana bread came from the All-Purpose Flour mix, and the white bread from the Homemade Wonderful GF Bread mix. They turned out a little odd because we kept messing with the recipe, but it still tasted great. I can only imagine how the original recipe would taste! I'll be trying that next weekend :)


The cobblers were a variation of a Raspberry, Oatmeal and Hemp Seed Cobbler recipe I found at CupcakeProject. I had a large amount of very ripe peaches and apricots I needed to use up, and I had just purchased strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at the Farmer's Market. For those of you unaware, hemp seeds are high in Omega-3s. Although these seeds do come from the cannabis plants, they do not contain and THC, and therefore are legal and available for purchase at health food stores and specialty supermarkets, such as Central Market. Oh, and you may have heard that oats have gluten. They don't. However, typically oats are processed in the same machinery that processes wheat, so gluten is transferred to the oats. Just look for oats with the GF label.
I altered this recipe by using GF all-purpose flour and GF oats.
Recipe: Raspberry, Oatmeal and Hemp Seed Cobbler

The salsas come from one of my favorite companies, Homemade Gourmet. The Black Bean and Mango Salsa is a variation of the Black Bean Salsa, and the Blended Salsa is Maria's Salsa. I say these are variations because the original recipes call for canned tomatoes. Why use canned when I have fresh?


Oh, the burritos... It was slightly disheartening to make these, because I can't eat them while following a GF diet. I have yet to find GF tortillas. I have plenty of recipes, but I have failed so many times that I didn't want to waste the GF flour to try again. I made most of them to feed my hubby, who can't use an oven if his life depended on it. These burritos make sure he gets a healthy, nukeable meal. I cook up meat, beans and veggies, then fill and vacuum seal. They freeze wonderfully!

The mini-quiches are my breakfast food :) They are super quick to prepare, take about 30 min to cook, and will feed you for the whole week. I actually ran out of the sausage and mushroom mixture, so I just chopped up some turkey bacon for the rest of the quiches. It's so easy to sub ingredients to make this perfect for you. This recipe came from EatingWell.

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