Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our escapades with Tommi!

Last Saturday we went to get Tommi for the weekend. Our first stop was meeting my mom at the Super H Mart in Carrollton. It's a huge Korean market with all sorts of shops. Not to mention, sushi! Actually, that's the whole reason we went there :)


Mom and I headed off to an earring making class at a bead shop and the boys headed to the mall. Mom and I made 3 different pairs of earrings, and it really reignited my interest in jewelry making. I will be starting a store soon with PCOS earrings and bracelets :)



After the class, I used my class discount to buy the beads to make a new frog necklace. I have the perfect shirt to wear it with!

Mom left and we headed to the train station to go to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival! We walked a total of 1.3 miles while at the Arts Festival. It was great exercise, and we got to see some really interesting art! I did purchase a piece - a photo of the photo is below :) Oh, and Hubs decided he was going to wear his 'I wear Teal for my Wife' shirt... I feel so loved @/----


We headed over to Lizard Lounge afterwards to go see DJ Irene. Sadly we had to leave before she came on, but it was definitely fun hanging out in our VIP wingback seats, on the upper balcony, watching and laughing at the people on the dance floor below.

We saw a car in flames on the freeway as we rode the train back to the car before we headed home for the night. It was very fun day :)

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