Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a little down this evening...

I am feeling the aftermath of tax season, and so is my body. I am self-employed, so taxes are killer. Unlike most people I know, I didn't get to celebrate a tax refund. Instead, I had to write a fairly large check two weeks ago. To overcome this major dent in our pocketbook, we had to make a few changes. First, we knew that we could not afford to go to the grocery store until my next paycheck in the middle of May. That meant we were stuck eating whatever I could scrounge up around the house. I'm well stocked with meats and canned veggies, but veggies are just so much more enjoyable when they are fresh. So because I can't get to the store to get fresh veggies, my diet is suffering. Thankfully I only gained 0.2 pounds at my Weight Watchers meeting tonight. I probably would have cried if it was more. We also did a lot of yard work to get our garden and patio competition worthy. Our apartment complex had that Earth Day contest, and we won! Thank goodness, because we needed the discounted rent. My already problem-rittled back took a beating, though. I went to the chiropractor Monday morning for an adjustment, but that didn't relieve any pain. I talked to my dad today and he suggested to try IcyHot patches to make the pain tolerable, so I don't have to miss work again, like I did today.

It's like this revolving cycle - My back is in severe pain, so I miss work. When I miss work, I can't afford the trip to the doctor to get another pain med prescription. When I don't have pain relievers, my back is in severe pain. Sucks, right? And then, I keep hoping that losing a lot of weight will reduce the strain on my back. Problem there is: I tried to exercise, just some simple yoga, and could only last 8 minutes before I was in desperate need of a chair. Ugh.

Just needed to rant. I'm tired of all these problems getting in the way of the progress we need to start TTCing with a donor. Thanks for listening :)

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