Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wii Workout :)

I ordered some workout goodies for my Wii, and they came in yesterday! I splurged and bought 2lb dumbbell attachments for my wiimote and a silicone cover for the balance board. The cover has little nubs in the shape of a foot. It makes it much easier for me to stay in the same position for the whole workout, and they massage my feet, too!

The dumbbells, although only 2 lbs each, sure did increase the intensity of my workout. Of course, I'm sure you are wondering what my workout routine is. My custom routine mixes yoga and strength training. I use the dumbbells when I do the strength training and some of the balance games.

1. Yoga - Warrior: I love this pose, because it really stretches and tones my thighs.
2. Strength Training(ST) - Torso Twists: These stretch your ab muscles, and it isn't crunches!
3. Yoga - Sun Salutation: This pose has helped me touch my toes again!
4. ST - Triceps Extension: This is great for my upper arms, especially with the new weights.
5. Yoga - Half-Moon: This stretches the sides of my abs.
6. ST - Sideways Leg Lift: I really feel this is my tush.
7. Yoga - Palm Tree: This works my calf muscles out.

If I want a full workout instead of a quickie - I add these two as well:
8. ST - Plank: Like a pushup, but with no going down. You balance on your forearms and toes for 30 seconds. I still can't make it all the way through without starting to shake.
9. Yoga - Triangle: I haven't been able to really get this pose right, but I sure am trying!

I also love the Rhythm Boxing in the Balance Games, and Rhythm Kung-Fu in Training Plus. I like the Kung-Fu because one of my all-time favorite movies is the Matrix - and one of my favorite scenes in Matrix 1 is just after Neo gets done with a day of training downloads. He looks over at Morpheus and says "I know Kung-Fu." I don't know why I like that scene so much - I guess it's just sort of funny to me. And guess what? YouTube has a clip of it :)

Of course I do play the other games on Wii Fit from time to time, but these are the ones I do most frequently. Extra bonus from yesterday - My Wii Fit Age was 20 instead of 28-35. Yay!

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