Friday, March 18, 2011

Reasons for the re-design :)

I decided that I needed a new template for my blog. The pink and black one I had just didn't really fit me like I thought it did. Now I have this pretty gardening one! This fits a lot better because that's what I've really started doing!

I have a one garden at my home and one at my grandmother's. I'm limited on space due to living in an apartment, so I have hanging planters holding 3 types of tomatoes (upside down), a pot of strawberries, and a TON of flowers. There is a large space that looks empty in my garden right now, but that's only until all my bulbs come up!

The garden at my grandmother's is significantly bigger. It's not quite finished yet, so I don't have pictures. We have planted everything from arugula to zucchini. We started a trade group with some other family and friends. Everyone is growing different fruits and veggies, and we are trading some of ours for some of theirs. If the crops turn out as well as we hope, we are also expecting to be able to sell some to the neighbors! With the way prices have been soaring for gas lately, it's only a matter of time before everything else gets really expensive as well. Growing our own is going to save us so much money!

Even better yet, when you grow your own food, it's organic. You control what you put on each and every plant. We will be using organic pesticides, such as orange oil, to keep the plants healthy, happy and bug-free.

Organic fruits and veggies have higher vitamin and mineral contents than regular produce does. Women with PCOS need more vitamins and nutrients than women without, due to hormonal imbalances. Therefore - organic produce is much better for Cysters. What better way to get them than picking them right out of your garden?

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