Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Local Support Group!

When I'm not working and I'm not gardening, I'm promoting PCOS Awareness. For several years I have been looking for a support group in my local area, so I could meet other women with PCOS face-to-face. Although I love all of my cysters around the world, being able to hug another cyster when you need a shoulder to cry on can be a very important tool in surviving this epic battle against PCOS.

I finally gave up my search and decided to create a group myself. I am very excited to see how well this goes, since the DFW area has such a large population. We are the 'DFW PCOS Cysters' support group. We can be found at our website: http://dfwpcoscysters.webs.com/
Or at our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DFW-PCOS-Cysters/198476810176802

If you know of anyone in the DFW area that might be interested in joining, please send them our way! One step at a time, we will fight this disease and win!

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