Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love my alternative remedies!

While on DCI, Vitex and Cinnamon/Chromium blend, I have consistently lost 1-3 pounds a week without much effort, lost most of my cystic acne, seen a drastic reduction in my hidradenitis suppurativa, and my cycle length has gone from 534 days to... 41! I'm sure if I hadn't been so extremely stressed out from our emergency move last week, it would have been shorter. My husband was threatened at gunpoint right in front of our apartment building for politely telling someone they were driving in the wrong lane. We found a new place the very next day, and got out as soon as we could. I had alot of cramping last week, so I was expecting AF. She showed up today - which explains the crappy feeling I had this morning.

The only annoying thing I have been dealing with for a while is sore breasts. They don't hurt as long as I'm wearing a bra. As soon as they have no support, they hurt pretty bad. Shockingly my hubby can't tell me if they've gotten bigger, but I think they have. Not sure why, but it's a minor inconvenience compared to the success I've had.

I have two months of unlimited yoga classes that I can't wait to start sometime in the next week or two. Our new place is also two stories, with fairly steep stairs, so I'm getting a good workout just moving throughout the house. I'll get to start my at-home workout regimen again soon, once we get everything unpacked and I have room to set my gym back up.

I'm adding EPO to my pill regimen - I've had them for two weeks now, but have been waiting til AF showed up to start them.

It still cracks me up how excited I get when AF shows up. I guess it's because I know my pills are working, and we could get lucky and get pregnant before XMas next year. That's the current plan and dream - and DH has decided if we need to use a donor, we will. We've already determined which friends we would like to ask first, before we start searching for donors we don't know.

Oh, and on a side note, DH had a job interview today, and all the guys that work in the shop congradulated him on getting such a great reaction from the boss. He could have a job by the end of the week! :)

Lots of baby dust to all - Twitch!

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