Friday, September 17, 2010

My Journey with DCI - Week 4

I know this week is a little late, but I wanted to wait until after I went to the doctor Wednesday to post. I had blood work done a few weeks ago, and I was very curious about the results. I had a basic metabolic panel and a liver function panel. As with most PCOSers, our liver can become a concern due to Insulin Resistance. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that for a while. Everything came back perfect! All results were within range, and I was excited to find out that my fasting glucose level was 89. Score!

Even better still was my weight. I have lost 4 pounds since I started on DCI last month! I started at 256 and I am now 252. Thats a total of 10 pounds in the last 3 months. There have been no intentional dietary changes - I'm still addicted to Chipotle and Jack in the Box's Chicken Teiyaki Bowl. However, I have been craving better foods lately. At midnight Monday, I was starving... And I didn't want junk food. I wanted a veggie plate full of broccoli, tomatoes and ranch dressing! Well, my wonderful husband brought me a veggie plate for lunch yesterday and it was awesome!

I am going out this weekend to buy some sort of home gym system. I have yet to decide which one, but of course I will keep you updated. Just recently I have felt happier, and more aware of my actions, and what I need to do to change them. I've been a little more motivated than usual, and I hope it stays this way! If so, I could be looking at more than 4 pounds lost by next month! My new goal is to be down to 240 by our one-year anniversary, Halloween! I just might be able to fit into one of the costumes in my closet if I do!

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