Monday, August 23, 2010

My Journey - Insulite and DCI - Week 1

It has been requested that I start a blog about how Insulite is working for me (@pieceofanarnia) Since I am taking Insulite and DCI concurrently, I'll blog about both.

To start off - I started taking Insulite on 7/26. The Insulite is by no means an easy undertaking. It involves taking 18 pills a day. 10 are taken between meals, and 8 are taken with meals. I took two large empty prescription bottles, handed one to DH, and told him to put a week's worth of pills in his bottle and I'd do the same for mine. I have them marked as to when I should take them. It has been easiest for me to take the first set with breakfast, then then the next set between breakfast and lunch. The third set comes at lunch, and the last set before I leave work. I only have trouble remembering to take it on the weekends, but I'm getting better about it.

As for the DCI, I have started off with 1200mg daily on 8/17, taken between breakfast and lunch with a set of my Insulite pills. The recommended dosage is 20mg per kg of body weight. After that calculation - I should be taking 2400mg daily, but as with all new medications, you need to watch for side affects. I have not had any issues with taking them, so I will be bumping up to 2400mg daily at the start of week 3.

So here's the latest changes:
- I started at 262 pounds. Last week my doctor weighed me in at 256. I was ecstatic! (This might have been due to the Adderall my psychiatrist put me on, but I have no way of knowing, TBH.)
- I did notice with the Insulite that the hair on my chin, although still dark, does not grow back as quickly after I yank them out.
- I have also seen a major reduction in my facial acne - I currently only have one large cyst-like pimple instead of 4-5, and small blackheads.
- I have noticed that my forehead gets oily very quickly, but I have heard from other Insulite users that it is from our bodies detoxing and that it will go away. (This comes from Insulite labs - I will email them to confirm.)
- My nipples have been sore - Pretty sure this is from the Insulite, because it started right after I started taking them. DH is not too happy, and it can be uncomfortable at times. I have not found any other users that have experienced the same problem. (BFN assured me that it was not a PG symptom.)
- My hairbrush does not accumulate as much hair after brushing. I have had this problem for years before I was DX'ed, and just found out recently that it was a PCOS issue. Apparently Insulite is helping.

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. I'll write again next Monday to give the latest news, as well as the transcript of my notes from this weekend's Fertility seminar!