Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hilarious conversation with a Mormon

You may or may not know this, but Hubs and I are practicing Pagans (for lack of a better, more easily understandable term, witches.) We of course do not try to force our views upon anyone, and out of respect for everyone else, normally try to keep religion from becoming a topic of conversation. Unless the situation deems it necessary, or in this case, hilarious.

There are times when you meet someone, start talking to them, and begin to wonder what giant mountain they crawled out from under. This is one of those times. Hubs was awoken by Mormons today. No biggie, we normally tell them we aren't interested and they leave. Well today, Hubs had his shirt off. So after he opens the door, he asks them to hold on so he can throw a shirt on. Well, Hubs has a 3 inch pentacle on his shoulder. Very hard to miss. (For those that don't know, a pentacle is an encircled 5-point star. It's essentially the Pagan version of a cross.) One of the Mormons said, "Excuse me sir. Are you Jewish?" **I'll allow time for you to pick your jaw up off the floor** Hubs' response was "Huh?!"
Mormon: "Your tattoo, the Star of David."
Hubs (as I'm sure he holds back a roar of laughter): "That's not a Star of David."
Mormon: "Yes, it is."
Hubs: "No sir, that's a pentacle."
Mormon: "A pentacle? What's that?"
Hubs: "It's my religious symbol. I am Pagan."
Mormon: "What's a Pagan?"
Hubs: "You may have heard of it as Wicca."
Mormon: "What's Wicca?"
Hubs: "Ok, I've got one more term for you. Nature witchcraft."
Mormon: "Oh. I haven't heard much about that."
Hubs: "Have you heard of the Salem Witch Trials?"
Mormon: "No, what's that?"

So Hubs discusses a little bit with him, and then he says, "You know, you don't react the way most people do when I say that." Mormon: "Well, Jesus accepted everyone, so we should too." Finally, at least he has some decent knowledge.

So to summarize, the Mormon couldn't tell the difference between a 6 pointed star and a 5 pointed star with a circle around it. That made my day. :)

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