Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Media Monday - on Wednesday :)

So I'm already off to a bad start, and I apologize. I'll be posting 3 times today, to catch up to where I should be.

I love the Odd News section on Yahoo. There's not a day that goes by when I don't laugh at at least 1 article. So I'm going to bring them to you.

Farmers issue warning after fatal cow attacks

Fatal Cow Attacks? I have never seen a vicious cow. In fact, I don't think I've even seen one run. So being attacked by a cow? Seriously? Ha. I could crawl and still outrun it. But apparently, there are killer cows. It all has to do with people walking their dogs. 4 people have died in the last 2 months in England because cows have tried attacking their dog, and got the person instead. The suggestion? Stop walking your dog in a field of cows!!!

Woman sues zoo over splashing dolphins

What's your favorite thing about Sea World? For me, it's the dolphins. I love to see the dolphin shows, and I think it's hilarious to watch the little kids sitting up front to get splashed with water and freak out. But getting wet at a dolphin show is to be expected, right? Well, this chick in Chicago decided that it wasn't. She is suing a zoo because they "failed to warn people about slippery floors around the dolphin enclosure". She also accused the zoo of allowing dolphin trainers to purposely create an unsafe environment with the splashing. She apparently slipped and is now suing for $50,000. Here's a safe assumption: If you are going to be anywhere near a 100,000 gallon tank of water, it's probably going to be wet. Watch where you walk.

New park offers X-rated views of NYC hotel guests

When I'm in a hotel, I am always very careful to keep my curtains shut. I don't want to take any chance of giving people a free show. I figured most other people were the same way. In New York, not so much. A Manhattan hotel, The Standard, features floor to ceiling windows. Too cool to me, unless I have been drinking and I'm a little wobbly. Wouldn't want to fall through them. But anyways, right across the street is a new park, called High Line. It was built on top of an abandoned elevated rail line, so it offers a better view of the hotel. But better isn't such a great thing. People aren't closing their blinds before they start dancing around naked. But it gets funnier. I checked out the website for the hotel, and it has a live webcam. The park isn't the only place to get a free show! Ha!

Hope you got to laugh today!

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